Digital Imaging

CCG’s Digital Imaging contract gives state agencies and local governments the ability to convert paper documents to electronic files as well as to host and manage documents on-line.

The new Master Contract includes multiple pre-approved vendors that provide services in the following categories:

  • Project-Based Services: generally large-scale, multi-year, imaging projects that may include such services as Needs Assessment / Analysis or Image Repository Hosting.
  • Flat Rate Services: projects characterized by consistent, cost efficient, flat rate pricing on a per page basis.
  • Preservation Services: small to large-scale projects for documents that are historical or fragile and must be retained by a state agency or local government.

Note: Preservation Services may also be available through the University of North Texas and the Texas General Land Office.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) serves as the Contract Manager for the Digital Imaging contract. State agencies and local governments that wish to utilize the contract must first contact the TSLAC representative listed at the bottom of this webpage. Additional information is also available here.

Awarded Service Category
Project-Based Flat Rate Preservation

XeroxContact Info »

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AmCad Contact Info »

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BancTec/DocuData Contact Info »

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CompuData Contact Info »

Open Text Contact Info »

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Image API Contact Info »

FY 14 Renewal Letter
Contract Docs
Service Details Pricing Sheet Pricing Sheet

Neubus Contact Info »

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Precision Micrographics Contact Info »

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NOTE: Prices appearing in vendors’ pricing sheets are maximums (i.e. “not to exceed”). Price reductions may be negotiated based on individual project requirements.


Key Details

Vendor Various (See chart above)
Managing Agency Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC)
State Contact Nanette Pfiester
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